Future Vision

Fire control work is a vital loop in municipal works, as its success or failure concerns the safety of people’s lives and properties. After the establishment of the fire bureau, all of our fire fighters will certainly devote themselves wholeheartedly to the participation of municipal construction and accept supervision from citizens in order to enhance the new government image. The following five points are briefly mentioned as the key works for the fire bureau from now on:

Establish advantageous disaster relief ability, prevent disasters from occurring

  • Strengthen fire control manpower and replace obsolete fire engines.
  • Enhance functions for the emergency command center.
  • Find out the disaster relief blind spots and premeditate response measures for disaster relief.
  • Increase fire control spots and shorten reaction times to disasters.
  • Integrate governmental and non-governmental disaster relief resources and manpower.

Promote fire control measures to all people; create living spaces without disasters

  • Allow fire control and disaster prevention to go deep into the community, families and schools via the establishment of women’s fire control promotional team in the community. As well, implement a fire control passport system in schools, thereby establishing the common view of “Fire control for all people” in order to create a safe living environment.
  • Implement fireproof management system and establish fireproof administrator in order to establish entrepreneurs’ fireproof responsibilities.
  • Actively promote inspection and maintenance reports for fire control safety facilities in various venues. As well, promote flameproof systems in order to implement public safety responsibility.

Enhance emergency rescue quality; provide all manner of services to the citizens

  • Train emergency rescue personnel to enhance the quality of the emergency rescue services for this city.
  • All fire fighters should maintain enthusiasm for serving citizens and devote themselves tirelessly to doing emergency rescue jobs right.
  • Send respectful and comforting letters from the mayor to victims of disasters to convey the government’s concern for the victims and people injured in disasters.
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