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Implementation of disaster prevention system

  • Fulfilling fire fighting safety inspection and reporting illegal places in order to maintain the safety of public places.
  • Cooperating with non-governmental women groups (women fire-fighting promotion teams)Visiting households to promote fire prevention, broaden fire-prevention evacuation knowledge, educating townspeople crisis-dealing abilities, and directly avoiding injuries and deaths.
  • Developing fire prevention promotion and management system, establishing owners' and users' responsibilities and obligations of fire prevention, and strengthening the concept of “protect your own property.”
  • Enforcing safety equipment inspection and repair declaration and fire prevention regulations with all efforts, strengthening employers' responsibilities of protecting public safety in view of preventing fire
  • Strengthening management of dangerous goods, totally controlling dangers, and controlling dangerous factors in order to prevent disasters

Improving damage rescue abilities

  • Enforcing damage prevention conduct, holding damage prevention meeting regularly, inspecting damage prevention and rescue abilities of every unit, integrating non-governmental damage rescue groups, signing supporting agreement with friendly forces, holding damage prevention exercise and bureau rescue training regularly, and improving overall rescue abilities
  • Carrying out fire-fighting water source management and maintenance, controlling fire-fighting water source condition by regular inspection and general investigation for the sake of providing relief, and universalizing extinguisher establishment for the need of narrow lane and sloping field relief.
  • Enforcing drowning prevention measures, taking advantage of warning signs, electronic media, and patrolling to prevent from drowning
  • Conducting voluntary fire-fighting and relief volunteer training regularly and holding year long service training for assistants every six months for improving civil assistant abilities

Improving emergency rescue skills and civil service quality

raising fire investigation abilities

  • Establishing fire statistic data analysis for providing reference when deciding on fire prevention and promotion
  • Providing firefighters with fire investigation technique training, holding fire identification training regularly, and inviting specialized scholars and experts to give lectures in order to raise fire investigation technical ability.
  • Inviting scholars and experts, establishing fire identification committee, further investigating severe fire cases to ensure real factors of fire.
  • Establishing incendiary agent atlas, handling cases scientifically, comparing evidence of offense of arson, figuring out reason for fire setting to make criminals fail to trust to luck and prevent from offense of arson
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